The Breakthrough
NLP Experience

A transformative experience for those who desire to break the cycle and have true freedom! 1 powerful weekend + 6 months of intensive coaching to change your story!

Is This You?

We all have things that we desire. More success. Career shifts. Fixing your business. Increase cash flow. Find the things you are truly passionate about. Gain confidence in decision making. Run a marathon. Have a more passionate relationship or be open to new relationships. More happiness. More meaning…

Do you feel like:

  • You know what you want, but not sure how to get it 
  • That the ‘standard’ way of doing things does not work for you 
  • You know you are called for more 
  • Life is unfilling 

The difficult part is not knowing the next step. There is fear, chaos and uncertainty holding you back. This is why I am here.


I use a mix of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and master coaching techniques to join you on this journey to breaking through your current state and moving towards your goals. 

This program starts with a weekend of breakthroughs. For two consecutive days we will meet, virtually or in person, and go through the process of… We continue to process the breakthrough together and bring accountability over a 6 month coaching period to see lasting change.

Bring The Pieces of You Together

As an Integrative NLP Coach, I work with the whole you. You generally want to focus on one aspect of your life, and that’s wonderful! That laser focus is a great start, but it’s the entire you that gets you there! I draw out those different parts of you that need to work together to get you towards your goal. How you perceive things. How you learn. Your belief patterns. What you learned about the world as a child. We then bring those things together to uncover how to get you to your next goal. The power comes in alignment, and bringing all the pieces of you together to move forward in a way that is unique to you.  

"As an Integrative NLP Coach, I work with the whole you." -- Roanne Abe

We All Have Different Experiences.

This work is so important because we all have different experiences. If you think about world events, like 9/11, this is an event we can all name where we were when it happened but depending on where you were, your age, and life situation, you would have had a completely different experience. Someone who was near ground zero versus someone who was 9 years old watching it on the television would remember that event so differently.

By calling on your experiences in your career, as a business owner, mother, sister, father, brother, immigrant or anything else, we can create a strategy unique to you!

Changing Your Story Changing Your Life

We all have stories to tell.  Who we are.  What we do.  What we love.  They all start off as facts.  I didn’t get the promotion. And as time goes on we start to add to it, creating stories that are filled with passion and color words that paint our feelings and biases.  I’m not good enough.  I’ll never get promoted.  And after a while, we start to believe the story even though it’s not true

Does your story hold you back from reaching your goals?  What if you could change it so it helps you reach them instead?   

Breakthrough Weekend Only


Weekend Only

  • 2-Day Breakthrough Weekend
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Breakthrough Weekend + 6 Months of Coaching


Best Deal Per Month

  • 2-Day Breakthrough Weekend
  • 3x a month coaching calls
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to 30-Day Take Action Challenge 
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Breakthrough Weekend + 2 Months of Coaching


Most Popular

  • 2-Day Breakthrough Weekend
  • 3x a month coaching calls
  • Unlimited email support
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To get more, we need to activate your full potential by rooting out limiting beliefs and negative emotions/thoughts we have around our goals.  We do this quickly and easily by working with your unconscious mind.