I Start My Day with Gratitude

Apr 14, 2023

Why do I Start My Day with Gratitude?

I begin each day with a feeling of love and thankfulness in my heart because it sets my mindset. I want to focus on what’s going well in my life.  Gratitude gives me the mindset to overcome the negative thoughts and overwhelm that bring my day down to a harmful level.  My attitude affects my entire day, so my morning is a key time to reflect and to appreciate my life and accomplishments.   Taking the time to reflect on my experiences and past ensures that I can take the right actions in the future to help my job and family.  This is the best way to focus on ideas that uplift all of us and help us reach new goals.

I see each new day as a chance to say thank you to the universe.  Gratitude fills my spirit, and my joy increases.

  • Count the blessings that surround me and fill my life.
  • Never take the day for granted
  • Appreciate the people who make my life easier and better.
  • Be thankful for my friends and family every morning.
  • Feel grateful for my work, home, neighborhood and relationships. I see how others suffer around me, and I focus on peace.
  • Love and appreciate the five senses that help me experience this planet. I am happy I can connect with nature, people, and animals.

My morning is complete because gratitude occupies my thoughts and guides my actions for the day.  You can’t be afraid if you are grateful and it changes the lens through which you experience the world.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How can I find time during a busy morning to show gratitude?
  2. How can I teach my family to stop and say thank you each day?
  3. What can I do to banish the negative thoughts and experiences that can affect my mornings?

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